10 new open-source Bootstrap 4 themes

by Alexander Rechsteiner - Last updated

Last year I created a small batch of free Bootstrap 4 themes and released them together with my Bootstrap 4 buffet. They were incredibly well received, especially on ProductHunt. This was very encouraging for me, so during the last few weeks I’ve decided to step up my game and build a fresh load of Bootstrap themes in order to extend the collection.

I’ve created 10 additional open source themes. You can download them for free and use them under the MIT license. You can find the source code for all of them in the Github repository hackerthemes/theme-machine. This is also the best place to report bugs and problems, or to make suggestions.

I’ve tried to bring in a variety of moods and colors with these new themes. Some are playful, others are more serious. Some are colorful and others are sober. Hopefully the growing range will ultimately provide a well-fitting foundation for every Bootstrap project.

This brings the total assemblage to 14 Bootstrap themes, so it’s starting to become a fair collection. Alright enough babble, here they are now.

The new Bootstrap 4 themes

The existing set

For the sake of completeness, here are the themes I released in December 2017.