Entrepreneur License

This license grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of this template in multiple personal or commercial projects. The author of this template retains ownership of this template but grants you the license on these terms. The rest of this document specifies the details of this license.

Terms of this license

  1. You may use this template to create multiple end products, for yourself or for multiple clients.
  2. You must not redistribute or resell this template or the source code.
  3. You must not create a derivative work of this template for redistribution or resale.

Examples: Things you can do with this license

  • Build multiple personal or commercial websites.
  • Build multiple SaaS applications for which you charge your end users a monthly fee.
  • Build multiple mobile or desktop applications which you distribute using a wrapper technology.
  • Build multiple progressive web applications.
  • Build multiple products for multiple clients and charge those clients a fee.

Examples: Things you can NOT do with this license

  • Build a WordPress template which you intend to distribute for free or for a fee.
  • Build an on-demand website builder which allows users to build a website for free or for a fee.

Third-party components

This theme package includes third-party components which are licensed under different terms. For those components, the license of each component applies. Those components are:

  • Bootstrap 4 CSS, JavaScript and SCSS files (MIT License)
  • jQuery 3 (MIT License)
  • Font Awesome Icon Font (MIT License)
  • Pixeden Stroke 7 Icon Font Set (Pixeden License)


  • End product: A customized implementation that makes use of this theme that requires skill and effort. For example: A website, a web app, a hybrid desktop or mobile application that fulfills a practical purpose or is filled with your own content.
  • Source code: In the context of this theme, the source code are all files that are part of the package that are not necessary for a web browser to render this theme. This namely includes the SCSS source files, build related files or JavaScript files that need to be transpiled before they are usable in a web browser.
  • SaaS application: A Software as a Service application is any software application which users are being charged for using on an ongoing basis.
  • Wrapper technology: A technology that wraps a HTML/CSS/JavaScript application into an application container for use on a system, for example on an iPhone, Android phone, Windows desktop, etc. Examples are Phone Gap or Apache Cordova.
  • Derivative work: A product that is a modified version of this template and essentially offers the same benefits to customers. For example a WordPress version or a modified HTML version.