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Charming: A Bootstrap 4 Theme

Build a charming website or web app with our flagship Bootstrap 4 theme. Charming gives your project a head start.
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A Bootstrap 4 theme through and through

Charming is designed and built from the ground up with Bootstrap 4 in mind.

Fully responsive

Charming adapts to any screen size and rotation using responsive CSS. It is continuously tested on an array of real world mobile devices and browsers.

Source files included

All SCSS source files are included for you to alter and rebuild if you wish. A Gulp file is also included to further facilitate customization.

Clear documentation

An undocumented feature is a useless feature. That's why we strive to document Charming extensively so you have all the info you need to stay on track with your project.

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Fact Sheet

Current version: 0.6 (late alpha)
Bootstrap: 4.0.0-alpha.6
Browsers: IE11, IE Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
Technology SASS, HTML5, CSS3, Gulp, jQuery, JavaScript
Author Alexander Rechsteiner
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Website and Dashboard components

Charming includes both website and application components. Launch our live demo to see them in action.
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License: Developer Entrepreneur
30-day money-back guarantee