Bootstrap Themes

All these Bootstrap themes are customized versions of Bootstrap. They don't add any new components or layouts, they simply customize how Bootstrap looks. Use these to give your project a different feel. These are all free and open source, licensed under MIT.

Simply use the delivered CSS files instead of the Bootstrap's original CSS file. The CSS files are custom Bootstrap builds with modified variables. They contain exactly the same components and support the same functionality.

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Neon Glow 9055 OPEN SOURCE
Growth 2070 OPEN SOURCE
Hello World 2157 OPEN SOURCE
Pleasant 1485 OPEN SOURCE
Charming 3194 OPEN SOURCE
Harbor 1857 OPEN SOURCE
Vibrant Sea 1568 OPEN SOURCE
Bubblegum 2083 OPEN SOURCE
Daydream 1840 OPEN SOURCE
Good News 1508 OPEN SOURCE
Retro 1661 OPEN SOURCE
Wizadry 2635 OPEN SOURCE