An open source dashboard based on Bootstrap

Spur is a free and open source Bootstrap admin template with a handsome dashboard, chart.js, Font Awesome and much more.
License MIT
Version 1.0.0
Bootstrap 4.2.1
Author Alexander Rechsteiner


Spur is a Bootstrap admin template based on the latest version of the popular front-end framework. It features a customized build of Bootstrap (what I like to call a Bootstrap theme) as well as additional layouts and components for the purpose of building beautiful web applications. It is not a fork of Bootstrap, but rather follows the official guide on theming in order to achieve a thorough design and continuously matching styles for all Bootstrap and Spur components.

Getting started

If you haven't already, you can download the package using the download button above. If you prefer to use the npm package manager, you can install Spur using the command

  npm install spur-template

The package contains HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. With the npm package, SCSS files are also included which you can use to further customize Spur and Bootstrap with your own variables.

Take a look at the HTML files in the folder html. There is a blank page called blank.html which can serve as a starting point from where you can copy-paste other components and layouts as you see fit.